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smART project video


Yusuke Hanai - smART project from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

thanks gravis.

here is the story about the project

The smART (students making art) program is a grassroots way of infusing the arts back into schools at a time when art programs are being cut and are no longer being supported. Many of the students in the program are struggling academically and shining in the arts at this stage of their lives would do so much for their self-confidence and futures. The program gives students the opportunity to study and interact with contemporary artists and their works. Students participate in monthly art projects based on the works of artists participating in the program. Works created by students in this portion of smART will be available for viewing along with participating artists' works in and end of the school year gallery event. The program also allows schools to have fine art on permanent display at their sites through the production of murals by various artists working with the program. Those of us at smART are dedicated to keeping art alive in the hearts and minds of children. We are grateful to all the wonderful artists and friends who have supported the program for the last three years.